We produce green hydrogen since 2013!

    The current climate emergency is forcing humanity to act. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, the global community committed to limiting global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, if possible. Subsequently, in December 2019, the heads of state and government of the European Union (EU) committed to the goal of climate neutrality by 2050. This means that all greenhouse gas emissions in the EU should be avoided as far as possible by 2050. And in December 2020, the EU leaders agreed to raise the EU climate target for 2030 from the current minimum of 40 to at least 55 percent compared to 1990.

    In order to achieve these successively stricter targets, the EU Commission has developed the European Green Deal (EGD) project. This is a comprehensive growth strategy for a climate-neutral and resource-saving economy. The overarching goal of the EGD is EU-wide greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050, which would make Europe the first climate-neutral industrial region in the world. The measures of the EGD are multifaceted. In electricity generation, industry, transportation or the heating sector: green energy is needed in all areas of life to achieve these climate goals.

    It’s time! The name of movingpower GmbH is also its mission: we bring energy harvested using renewable methods and stored in hydrogen to all areas of life. We use the inexhaustible wind and solar energy to generate electricity. We use this in the electrolysis of water and produce green hydrogen. With the carbon dioxide in the air and the green hydrogen, we produce a synthetic fuel. This fuel can then be stored conventionally, distributed to all consumers using existing distribution networks and burnt in a climate-neutral way. Its economic viability lies in the inexhaustibility of renewable energies.

    movingpower GmbH is a group of independent experts with many years of experience in hydrogen and energy production. For each part of the green hydrogen value chain – generation, storage, distribution and off-take – we advise our clients from feasibility studies to execution supervision. We show ways to bring green hydrogen into all areas of life in a technically feasible and economically viable way. We carry out thermodynamic simulations and prepare cost and benefit calculations. We use our expertise in the production of eLNG (e-Liquified Natural Gas) from methanised green hydrogen as a bridging technology.


    Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water, whereby the electricity required for this is generated exclusively with renewable energies. Only green hydrogen is truly climate-friendly because it is produced without fossil raw materials. It serves as an energy carrier, and unlike electricity, which cannot be stored, it enables a temporal and spatial decoupling between production and consumption.



    Green hydrogen can be stored in compressed gaseous form or cooled and compressed in liquefied form underground or above ground. Underground, former gas or oil storage sites, caverns and pore storage facilities can be used; above ground, low-pressure or high-pressure metal containers can be used. Chemically converted into another substance, Hydrogen can be stored without pressure and at room temperature.



    Green hydrogen in liquid form can be transported in special tanks by truck or by ship as well as in pipelines. Green hydrogen in gaseous form can be distributed in storage cylinders as well as by blending it with natural gas and using the existing natural gas grid. Hydrogen can also be transported in chemically bound form or methanised as e-fuel as easily and efficiently as conventional fuels.



    Green hydrogen can be directly burnt in liquid or gaseous form in fuel cells, gas turbines and combustion engines in a climate-neutral way. In the form of liquid or gaseous e-fuel, green hydrogen can be converted into mechanical energy in practically all areas of life through combustion in internal combustion engines, and in turn into electrical energy through connected generators. Hydrogen is thus the key to coupling the sectors of industry & mobility, as well as heat, gas & electricity.