In the village of Semmering, transformations are envisioned in the areas of tourism, ecology and mobility. The intended measures are presented in an anthology. Fifteen authors from the fields of tourism, art, culture, mobility, ecology and energy economy span an arc from the past to a current inventory and into the future. The anthology is intended to serve as a platform for a determined and enthusiastic approach to future projects that will allow the former splendour of Semmering to shine in a new light. The anthology “Semmering – Aufbruch in die Zukunft” was published by Böhlau Verlag in June 2022. The book was presented to the public in a festive event at Hotel Panhans am Semmering on July 1, 2022.

In this context, Semmering is committed to green hydrogen as a source of energy. The ski resort and the town are to become a climate-neutral hydrogen town. Green hydrogen, generated locally by means of green electricity, is to be distributed through the existing natural gas network and burned in the hotels and houses by means of fuel cell heating systems to generate heat. The concept of the hydrogen city is being developed by the experts at movingpower GmbH.

Semmering - Aufbruch in die Zukunft

Böhlau Verlag, 2022