Bernd Spatzenegger has written the climate book for realistic optimists and explains how the energy transition will succeed (after all). There are many ideas for overcoming the climate crisis – but which are the right ones? He has done extensive research on the energy sources of the future. In his book, he describes their opportunities and limitations. It becomes clear: the 1.5 °C climate target cannot be achieved – but global warming can be stopped, not in a sprint, but in a marathon spanning generations! What do we have to do, and what do we need to know? The book deals with many current topics in depth:

  • Saving energy, giving up fossil fuels: What individuals can do
  • The costs and effort of the energy transition: what politicians often conceal
  • How does the energy market work? What consumers need to know about it
  • Residual load, winter gap, carbon capture: technical terms explained simply
  • Future technologies and renewable energies: What lies ahead now

If we all make an effort, save electricity and live sustainably, will we achieve the climate goals? Unfortunately, it is not quite that simple! There are no quick fixes, but nothing is lost yet either. Bernd Spatzenegger paints a clear picture of the measures needed to tackle the climate crisis. His energy transition book is a call for realistic optimism – let’s save the climate by setting ourselves reasonable goals!

Die Energielüge

Bernd Spatzenegger
ecoWing, 2023